The future of corrugated board

The Technology

The Corcel Corrugator


The revolutionary CORCEL corrugator uses a unique cold process to fabricate corrugated board.  Its size, cost and ease of operation makes available the means to manufacture cardboard to packaging companies and any business which uses significant quantities of cardboard for wrapping or packaging their products.


big corrugator

The CORCEL corrugator has many advantages over existing corrugators -

Cold process

  • It does not need steam, boilers or heat to bond the board;
  • Pre-printed liners can be used

Compact size

A corrugator no bigger than a small car can produce corrugated board at a rate of 30-100 metres per minute.  Larger models currently in development should comfortably achieve production rates of more than 200 metres per minute.

Energy efficient

A compact corrugator uses less than 4 kilowatts per hour.

Ease of operation

  • Operable by one person
  • Readily stopped and started with minimal paper waste
  • Self cleaning.

Environmentally friendly

Not only does it require no heat, but the CORCEL corrugator uses only minimal quantities of biodegradable adhesive.


The CORCEL corrugator has low running costs and a low capital cost.  


The CORCEL corrugator will do to the cardboard fabricating industry, what desktop publishing did to the printing industry.


Closed Cell Coreboard™


The CORCEL corrugator will do to the cardboard fabricating industry, what desktop publishing did to the printing industry.

Products made from Corcel's 3CTM Closed Cell Coreboard have numerous advantages, including:

  • Environmentally friendly, easy to dispose of, and recyclable.
  • Light weight, which makes them ideal for air freight, with weight savings being reflected in reduced costs.
  • Incredible strength, making them impact absorbent, thereby reducing damage in transit.

The strength of Corcel's 3C board means extra strong cartons/boxes can be produced which:

  • Are easier to assemble (from a one piece blank)
  • Will reduce product damage from cartons collapsing in storage and transit, and enable ventilation chimneys or apertures to be incorporated in fruit boxes and cartons facilitating effective cooling in cool stores and better penetration of gasses for ripening fruit in transit.

3C board products provide far superior insulation to ordinary cardboard packaging, making CORCEL packaging suitable for shipping temperature sensitive goods. They are cheaper to manufacture, thus reducing the cost of packaging and they are free from splinters and nails thus reducing damage to goods and injury to users.